Friday, January 28, 2011

Merry Russian Christmas!

It is that time of year again when the Plush Team draws names and sends each other plush gifts for the holiday. Instead of celebrating at the "western" Christmas time we choose to do a Russian Christmas because it is celebrated a little bit later in the season (January 7). This gives us crafters a little more time because most of us are the busiest during the holidays. In addition it is a secret swap so no one but the person in charge knows who has who. It is so much fun to anticipate what kind of plushie goodness you will be receiving.

This year guess who was in charge of the swap? Meeeee! Unfortunately because I drew the names I knew who got me but the good news was I couldn't have been more pleased with who it was. I almost felt guilty because if I was going to cheat she is probably who I would have picked because I have been a huuuuuge fan of her plush for a loooong time. Luckily my Mom has pounded a guilty conscience down deep into my soul and there is no way I would do something like that! It is better when it works out honestly anyway right?

Before I show you what I got let me tell you what I gave. My swapee partner was Anne-Claire of Hibou Cards. I was so swamped leading up to the send date that I didn't really get a chance to make something special but I had a couple octopodes sitting around that have really really wanted a home. I decided to send her this guy because he was/is my personal favorite. Luckily she liked him!!!! Read all about how he is settling into her home here. Here is one of her pictures in case you don't want to click over. She has an awesome pirate parrot that is his buddy now.

Now on to the present I received! Like I was saying I have been a huge fan of Becky aka Scrumptious Delight for a long long time. I received my package from her yesterday and had been sitting on pins and needles waiting for it because she had told me she was working on something special. I spent my time waiting wondering if it would be a cotton candy or perhaps some pickle preserves. I received a hint from Becky's husband because him and I have been working on a super secret project. He said that it was special and awesome and I would love it. Errrr I was stumped.

As you can imagine I ripped the package open as soon as it arrived. I took the time to read Becky's adorable card and then ripped the paper off the plush! I never could have imagined something so clever, amazing and thoughtful. I really think she should make more because everyone will want one! Here it is!

Becky used small rectangles of velcro to give the "wall" a brick look. Not only is that a clever use of velcro but it serves the purpose of holding up the felt graffiti and the totally awesome spray cans. All the pieces are removable and can be stuck on where ever you want!

I know that the graffiti lettering was done by her talented husband Aymeric so I really appreciate his contribution as well! Now I am going to have to work more on some felt graffiti so I can add to the wall! Did you also notice it says "Boom" which stands for my other shop Boom! Plush!? So personal and sweet!

Well what do you think? Is it not the most awesome plush ever!!!?? A big thanks to Becky for making my day/month/year.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Pro Nails!!

My pal Sarah posted a video on Facebook the other day on how to make marble nails. I thought it was so cool! She agreed and today we decided to try it for ourselves. It was really fun and we learned a lot along the way. It definitely wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

She decided in the end that the effect really wasn't for her so she took hers off and painted them solid black. I left mine though because I like crazy colors. I think if I did it again though I would come up with a strategy that matches better. I was just doing colors all willy nilly. Anyhoo here is how they look!