Saturday, May 29, 2010

Things I bought

Well I wanted to post this on a Thursday to follow my "Things I Bought Thursday" theme but it just didn't work out that I had the time on a Thursday so you are getting it today!!! I recently bought myself two tiny birthday presents with my birthday money.

First up is an adorable little bear by Knitting Dreams on Etsy. I have been a fan of Knitting Dreams for quite awhile now and am so excited to finally own one of her little guys. This is Gilbert and you can get your very own if you want as they are not one of a kind. He is so cute! I love his little hat most of all.

And the second little one was a really exciting purchase. I have been a huge fan of Brewer's Bruins for so many years now. I found this little gal on ebay last week for a tiny fraction of what these bears retail for. I was sooo happy!!! I was also very happy to find out that in person her bears are so well made and detailed....definitely worth the purchase! I went to find her website to show you more of her work and it appears to no longer exist. Here is someone that sells Brewer's Bruins patterns though. You can see more of her adorable little guys there.

Thanks for sharing in my new additions!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Maine Part 3

Hey all... I wanted to finish up with the last day I spent in Maine. It was the first day since leaving the west coast that I got to sleep in. When I woke up the sun was shining and I sat out on the porch in the sunshine reading for several hours. Awesome! We had a BBQ in the afternoon with the newlyweds and other friends.

Later we walked down to the beach and messed around. It was a totally relaxing perfect vacation day.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Maine Part 2

Wedding day!!!! We started at 8 am on Saturday by heading to the salon where all of us bridesmaids, as well as the bride, got beautified. Then it was off to get a snack and then back to the homestead to get ready. Momma Lomba hired a limo to take us to the wedding so after being dropped off we were ready to go. It all went by pretty much at light speed and they were married.

Wedding party....


Dance party!!!

And then there was more dancing back at the house but I was so tired and my feet were killing me. After I sat down when I got back up I almost collapsed. So like the geek that I am I went to bed before everyone else. As Tim says, "best wedding ever!!!"

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Maine Part 1

Well I was thinking I was going to write one post about my trip to Maine for my pals Sarah and Adam's wedding but I was looking through all the pictures and I decided it would probably be best to do three posts, one for each day I was there. I was honored when Sarah asked me to be in the wedding as a bridesmaid and I had so much fun traveling to Maine and meeting all the people I have heard so much about for so long.

Sarah and Adam are from the east coast but live out here in the west due to Adam's work. I was so lucky to meet them....they are my bestest friends!!! Unfortunately because of school obligations I was only able to be gone from Thursday until yesterday as I had school bright and early this morning. I am so tired but happy!!!

I left for Maine from Katrina's house in Portland OR at 4:30 am on Thursday morning. I had a layover in Chicago and then flew into Portland ME in the evening. Sarah was waiting and I was so happy to see her!!! We went for a quick dinner with the boys and then to her Mom's house where we all collapsed around 10pm. Her family had been working all evening on paper flowers for the wedding. I wish I would have taken a picture of her Mom's house because it was sooo old and neat... Sarah probably has a picture somewhere but I am too tired to search for it.

Friday morning Sarah and her Mom got up at 4 in the morning to start working on cupcakes and other projects. Good lord it felt like 1 in the morning to me so they kindly didn't wake me up until around 7. We had to get ready and get out to Bailey Island where the wedding was going to take place. There were so many things to set up and decorate. The delivery truck arrived around 9 with the tables, chairs, dishes, etc. Sarah's family is so awesome and between her Mom, Dad, brothers, brother's girlfriend and me we worked our butts off. Her brothers spent most of the day putting together all these paper lanterns and they looked so cool at the end.


Her brothers were hilarious putting them up. I was laughing so hard my face hurt. By the end they were wearing them!

Papa Lomba and her brothers figuring all the decorations out.

Sarah's Mom and her brother's girlfriend putting up pretty lights.

Sarah and Adam got married at a cove and the reception was in a building nearby called library hall. It was so fun to see all the decorations that Sarah worked so hard on all year coming together so beautifully.

Sarah's fiance and groomsman Tim hanging out at the wedding party table.

Later that night was the rehearsal dinner at Cook's Lobster House. I had never tried lobster so I was excited to give it a go. Turns out it is not my favorite food in the world but I did enjoy learning about the proper way to eat a lobster. We also had steamed clams (also yuck), corn on the cob, potatoes and a delicious Maine blueberry cake. Here's Sarah and Adam towards the end of the night.

That night and for the rest of my stay I was at a rental house with a bunch of people. I will post more about that tomorrow. Now I will probably be passing out shortly because I have so much homework to catch up on tomorrow. Ta-ta for now!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

See You Soon!

It's been quite a while since I posted and it hasn't been because I don't have new things to show and it isn't because I don't have anything to say. I haven't posted because the things I have to show are a secret and the things I have to say are negative. I guess I have been in a bit of a funk and pretty much everything has been irritating me. No one wants to read about that! Today I thought of a couple positive things so it felt like a good day to write a new post.

The postcard above is the back of a RSVP card for my pal Sarah's wedding in Maine that is coming up on May 15th. They asked everyone to draw them a picture on the back of the card before sending it back.

I am so happy that I will be traveling to Maine for the wedding and I am also super excited to be a bridesmaid. The secret work in progress is a plush present for her and her man. I can't post any pictures until afterwards or she will see them duh! :)
This is my new hair I got today. I have always liked doing funky things with my hair and since I no longer have a job I thought it might possibly be my last chance to do something colorful. I think I like it... It definitely looks brighter in these outside pictures. Fun!