Saturday, May 29, 2010

Things I bought

Well I wanted to post this on a Thursday to follow my "Things I Bought Thursday" theme but it just didn't work out that I had the time on a Thursday so you are getting it today!!! I recently bought myself two tiny birthday presents with my birthday money.

First up is an adorable little bear by Knitting Dreams on Etsy. I have been a fan of Knitting Dreams for quite awhile now and am so excited to finally own one of her little guys. This is Gilbert and you can get your very own if you want as they are not one of a kind. He is so cute! I love his little hat most of all.

And the second little one was a really exciting purchase. I have been a huge fan of Brewer's Bruins for so many years now. I found this little gal on ebay last week for a tiny fraction of what these bears retail for. I was sooo happy!!! I was also very happy to find out that in person her bears are so well made and detailed....definitely worth the purchase! I went to find her website to show you more of her work and it appears to no longer exist. Here is someone that sells Brewer's Bruins patterns though. You can see more of her adorable little guys there.

Thanks for sharing in my new additions!

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