Thursday, August 26, 2010

Car Trouble and Working Hard

Unfortunately my car broke down this week and after picking it up from the shop today I am officially broke. Soooo that means no more fun sewing and messing around I had to get some dolls put together and listed. Check out the BeBe Babies shop as well as the Boom! Plush shop for lots of new listings. Here is a couple pictures of what you will find.

And tomorrow I will be listing lot's of new vampire pencils.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I had this idea a while back and I never really got around to doing it until now. I had the idea that it would be fun to turn graffiti into plush. While I realize graffiti can be controversial in my opinion really well done pieces are so amazing. My favorite thing is all the bright colors. I started by searching to see if anyone else had done anything like this and the only other plush graffiti I found was by a fellow Plush Team member Chris Creatures. But also when I searched I found this picture on Flickr. Not only was it graffiti but it said plush! And not only did it say plush but it was from Portland Maine where I was in May for Sarah's wedding! It was like fate or something haha.

I started by creating a pattern and in the process I realized that there was no "S" in the picture. I stared at it forever trying to figure out if I am just a doof or if there really is no S. I really didn't want to change the artists work but I figured if I wanted it to say plush I wouldn't be the only one that realized there was no S. I decided to add it myself and I hope it didn't ruin it. I am in the process of trying to contact the actual artist because I don't plan to sell it unless the original artist approves and receives compensation.

I used some of the skills I learned in my quilting class when I pieced the colors together. I was happy about that! My hope is that I can find a graffiti artist (or a couple) to work with on some more pieces. I really think it is something I would love to work on and maybe do a gallery show? I don't know.... one can dream.

My fingers are killing me from all the hand sewing and I am glad it is done. A little bit about it: It measures about 33 in. by 10 in. at the biggest spots and around 3 inches thick. It is made of cotton and all of the accents are wool felt. I had to change some of the accents due to the pattern naturally changing from paper to fabric but I did the best I could to keep it the same as the original. I took it around the neighborhood this evening to snap some photos that I hoped would look realistic. These are the two I liked best.

Do you know a graffiti artist that would be interested in working with me? Let me know! I hope you like my new work...could you imagine soft graffiti around town? I think it would be cool but I would never give one of these away to the city...too much work! It makes me appreciate the work that graffiti artists do that will most likely be painted over if it is out on the streets.

Monday, August 16, 2010

An Aha Moment

A couple days ago I received an email from a representative of Mutual of Omaha's Aha Moments. Apparently they are touring the country in an airstream and were stopping in Eugene today and tomorrow. She asked if I would be interested in coming down and telling them about my dolls/plush, emphasizing how making them has changed my life. Well I have seen the Aha Moment commercials and I totally thought it was about people who overcame an enormous obstacle or have donated their time to the community. I really had no idea it was just about normal people doing something interesting (or uninteresting as I found out by watching some of the Aha Moments videos on the website haha). I had no visions of grander or being in a commercial but I thought hey why not, maybe I would get some publicity out of it.

All weekend I debated if I should write something out or come up with what to say and I thought about it but never did write anything down. As the day and time approached I guess I decided to wing it, and I did. I was really nervous this morning while I was getting ready. Even though people think I speak well and always say I look relaxed I still am always a bundle of nerves inside. I have never been on any sort of film before and I was afraid I might choke and say nothing.

Me ready to go haha!

The rep. suggested I bring along some plush to show and tell and I spent some time thinking about what I should take. They had contacted me through my BeBe Babies shop but I have really been working on Boom!Plush much more so I decided to bring something representative of both shops. I decided to bring the large plush turntables and two Sweetie BeBes. It took some creative maneuvering to carry the turntables since I was riding my bike down to the airstream. I ended up shoving it through my backpack straps haha.

The airstream was in the parking lot of the 5th street market and when I arrived I was greeted by some very pleasant young people. They got me all signed in and hustled into the interview room. I felt like such a dork. Luckily the girl interviewing me was adorable and super nice. I had to repeat myself several times, in several ways because she said that helps the editors get what they need. She also instructed me to speak in complete sentences that flow nicely. All I can say is I did my best and I hope I didn't sound and look like a moron. I don't feel like my story is all that impressive but I told them about how I quit work nearly a year ago to go back to school. I talked about how my work has evolved into what I feel is art. I was able to throw in a shout out to the Plush Team and talk about what it means to me to be apart of such a creative plush community. She asked me what advice I would have for other people and what has changed in my life due to my work. I shared how I would never have met one of my bestest friends and how my biggest advice is to always keep trying to make something because I feel like everyone should make art or crafts, and everyone can. I hope out of everything I said they can make it come together in an interesting way. My video should be posted in 2-3 weeks and they said they would let me know when it is.

They let me keep my "clap board" which is kinda cool.

When it came time at the end to show them my work I began unwrapping the turntables and I thought the guy working with me was going to explode. It turns out he is/used to be a dj and he was beyond excited to see the turntables. He was so excited in fact that after he took my pictures with it he had to jump in and get a bunch of his own pictures with it. The turntables were so exciting to them that they decided not even to get pictures of the BeBes which was fine with me. Luckily I had just got my Boom!Plush buttons in the mail today so I gave them a handful and I told them about the mini turntables and he took a card because he wanted to check them out.

Here are my new buttons I ordered from kittycrossbones on etsy.

Overall it was fun and I am excited to see the video of me. I am a little nervous about how I look in the video so I may or may not share it once it is posted haha.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Don't Chew your Pencils or they Might Chew You!

The Plush Team is doing another team fundraiser and my week to list some tiny plush is coming up this Tuesday. I had all kinds of ideas of what I wanted to do but I settled on pencils because I was thinking of the whole back to school time coming up around here. This ended up being a pretty smooth project and I love how they came out. In case you can't tell they are vampires. Each one is slightly different and they all have a different eye color. They are made of fleece. Three of them are going to be listed in the Plush Team shop on Tuesday Aug. 17. You can find the shop here. One of them is going to be included in the Plush Team giveaway that is going to be given at the end of the book tour. I may make some more of these guys for the Boom! Plush shop if they are well received. What do you think?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Set! Alienpus!

I drove around to all the craft stores today and can you believe there was no space paper anywhere??? No stars, planets, aliens nada!!! Maybe it is the wrong time of year because there was plenty of beach paper (which would have come in handy last time with my under the sea theme but of course it wasn't out then). I guess when putting together a scrapbook you would rarely need space paper as most of us don't visit space on our family/summer vacations. I guess it's a good thing because it enables me to cut up paper and play with my craft supplies. Who needs cookie cutter designs anyway!

Anyhoo! Yesterday I was walking to swimming class and I had a brilliant idea! Well maybe not brilliant but something I really wanted to make and so as soon as I got home I furiously sewed the rest of the day. I love projects that I am able to complete in one day and this was one of them. Pleasantly there was little frustration and I only had to start over on the vinyl once, yay! By the way, vinyl is a bit tricky to sew with and I am new to it. I think there are so many possibilities though.

You know how I recently enlarged my octopus pattern and made some big ones? Well for some reason I am obsessed with all things octopus and it's not like I am the only one. Lots of people out there have been making all kinds of octopuses, monster-puses and more. Like these, these, these and these. However I have not seen an alien octopus and for some reason it popped into my head. This may be due to the amount of X-Files I have been watching lately.

A little bit about this dude: He is made of green and white fleece and his helmet is vinyl. He is approximately 10 inches tall and 22 inches wide. All of his tentacles are wired and can be posed. He has a somewhat floppy big head but can be positioned pretty easily without his head tipping over. The helmet is not removable because he would die if he breathed our air. He probably needs a story but I didn't write one so you can imagine for yourself where he came from and what he is doing here. Oh and if you want to bring him home he is in the Boom! Plush shop here.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Rafting Again

On Friday I went rafting with my Dad and brother again. This time it was a much smoother trip as far as getting in and out of the water. The other bonus (depending on how you look at it) was that we hit a couple of actual rapids. I was sooooo SCARED! Except my Dad was more scared and screamed like a girl haha. Oh and guess what this time we caught some fishes! My Dad insisted on me reeling them all in haha.

Since it was impossible to take photos while falling through the rapids it was super exciting to see a company called West Coast Action Photos taking photos on the shore. I am thinking that would be a pretty sweet job...taking pictures of people going through the rapids. So if you are interested in seeing us you can go here. Our pictures are in two albums by two different photographers all on 8-6-2010.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Giant Octopuses!

I recently enlarged my octopus pattern to make some giant octopuses for some very special kiddos in my family. Here are the first two and I have one more to make. I took them to my Mom's today for a photo shoot because she always has pretty settings to put them in. I am thinking about listing a custom option in the Boom!Plush! shop where you can choose your colors and style for your very own octopus. What do you think? I hope you like them!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Well seeing as though it is the second time I have come home recently and had someone photographing the flowers in my yard I decided maybe I should take my own pictures. I have to admit my yard is the crowning glory of living here. It is beautiful, orderly and lush. Unfortunately, while I enjoy it, it just reminds me that the inside of the house is not quite as beautiful or orderly. Oh well at least something around here is! I hope you enjoy these pictures of the flowers in my yard.


The next two pictures are two of the plants that overhang on the fence between my yard and the neighbors. I don't know what they are but there is an orange one, a yellow one and a pink one. They are fabulous at attracting hummingbirds but unfortunately also bees. They make me long for Hawaii because they remind me of Hawaiian flowers.

Usually when I catch someone in the yard taking pictures they are focused on these bad boys. For some reason these (irises I think) looooove the dirt in my yard. They grow like weeds! The flowers are so gorgeous but since they are planted along the fence people walking by are always admiring them. I sort of cussed a guy out last year for cutting one of them (poor guy looked so sorry and was probably just thinking of the beautiful bouquet he was gonna give to a special lady). HOWever people that cut other people's flowers make me so angry. Because I am home nearly all the time now I sit waiting for the next person to try and cut these. They will be sorry I tell ya! They are mine and are there for mine and other people's enjoyment. Please don't steal someone's flowers!!! Ok off my soap box.

Roosevelt came to see what I was up to

I hope you enjoyed visiting the yard!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Other Peoples Stuff

Well it is a boring evening. Nothing is on tv and I have a sore back from my recent intensive sewing days so I am taking a break and browsing Etsy. Here are the new (to me) shops and/or cute things I found.

I have never heard of this shop, Monsters etc., but I love it and I particularly want this little pink one. I am on a plush buying hiatus though due to lack of funds and because of the bike I purchased today so I am just browsing.

Guinea pigs kinda scare me so I was surprised that I like these ones by Morumoto so much. They are cute and the bonus is you don't have to clean up after them or buy them food.

EEEEEEkkkkk look at these octopodes by dooptheory!!!!

Oh boy am I regretting this boredom. I think I *may* bring this froggy girl by HazelVillage home. I really just can't resist her cuteness and I feel I must see her every day on my shelf in order to keep smiling each new day..

These are ultra cute sprouts from Whimsicritter!

I hope you liked these little inspirations! Night!