Saturday, August 14, 2010

Don't Chew your Pencils or they Might Chew You!

The Plush Team is doing another team fundraiser and my week to list some tiny plush is coming up this Tuesday. I had all kinds of ideas of what I wanted to do but I settled on pencils because I was thinking of the whole back to school time coming up around here. This ended up being a pretty smooth project and I love how they came out. In case you can't tell they are vampires. Each one is slightly different and they all have a different eye color. They are made of fleece. Three of them are going to be listed in the Plush Team shop on Tuesday Aug. 17. You can find the shop here. One of them is going to be included in the Plush Team giveaway that is going to be given at the end of the book tour. I may make some more of these guys for the Boom! Plush shop if they are well received. What do you think?


  1. How clever! They are super cute displayed in the jar.

  2. Thanks everyone! I think I shall make some more today because they are too fun and I want one too haha!