Sunday, August 1, 2010

Other Peoples Stuff

Well it is a boring evening. Nothing is on tv and I have a sore back from my recent intensive sewing days so I am taking a break and browsing Etsy. Here are the new (to me) shops and/or cute things I found.

I have never heard of this shop, Monsters etc., but I love it and I particularly want this little pink one. I am on a plush buying hiatus though due to lack of funds and because of the bike I purchased today so I am just browsing.

Guinea pigs kinda scare me so I was surprised that I like these ones by Morumoto so much. They are cute and the bonus is you don't have to clean up after them or buy them food.

EEEEEEkkkkk look at these octopodes by dooptheory!!!!

Oh boy am I regretting this boredom. I think I *may* bring this froggy girl by HazelVillage home. I really just can't resist her cuteness and I feel I must see her every day on my shelf in order to keep smiling each new day..

These are ultra cute sprouts from Whimsicritter!

I hope you liked these little inspirations! Night!

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  1. I love the funny pink girl on top and the little brown guys on the bottom!