Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mini Turntables!

So I had this great idea after finishing my large turntables (see previous post). I thought it would be cool to make a smaller size and have changeable pieces. Originally I thought I would have different pieces for the eyes (record part), face and arms.

Well there were a couple things I realized during this project:
1. Fleece was a really bad choice for something this small and detailed. I plan to make another one but I am going to try with wool felt next time because I think it will stand up better to the necessary hand sewing and not stretch out as much. It was also really hard to make things match with the fleece.
2. Sometimes I am a little too ambitious with my pieces. I wanted to make these as something to list in my new Boom!Plush! shop but I was beginning to think I would have to charge a billion dollars for one if I made everything changeable. I had to settle for just the eyes and face being removable. Maybe if the next one goes faster I will add more pieces that can be changed.

A little about this guy; he measures about 8 x 3.5 x 1 inches big and is made of fleece and foam. The eyes and faces attach by Velcro and can be changed any which way. The eyes are non-pop safety eyes. I think I am still going to list this fella in my shop and hopefully the next one will be a little easier on me to make as well as a little better looking.

Now I am going to begin on the Plushteam July/August challenge which is VEGAS!! I am excited for what I have decided to do but you will have to wait and see because I never tell until I am done.