Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Boom!Plush! and Progress

Have you heard? I opened a new shop. It is called Boom!Plush! and you can find more info about it here on etsy. You will find lots of plushies I have been working on that don't fit into the BeBe Babies theme. I am working each day to come up with new creations as well as my first ever pattern so check back often.

Also during the next couple of months that I have off from school I plan to finish up projects that have been lying around. One of those projects is turntables that I started what seems like a lifetime ago (I actually just looked it up and it has been over a year...holy crap). I was never really happy with the first go around and was a little frustrated. Well it has sat around my craft room all these months doing stupid things like holding up backdrops and getting in my way. I wasn't happy with how the face was coming so I removed some things and started in again. This time around it is really starting to come together and I think I am in the home stretch. I ran out of black embroidery floss so I had to stop for the night. To read about the turntables in the beginning click here.

This is how it originally looked when I gave up.

And here is how it looks now!

Working on this project again has energized me. Mostly it is because I am also working on a boom box that has been frustrating me and forcing me to start over on things that don't look right. Switching to the turntables has reminded me about my own best advice which is to keep going until the piece is done. There will be bumps in the road and when there are it is best to set something aside and come back reenergized. So here are some pictures of the boom box and the plush cassettes that inspired it.

The tapes fit inside!

Much of this work will be posted to my new Etsy shop hopefully in the near future. I hope you like my new stuff!

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