Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Big Custom Bunny

A while back I was asked for a large bunny similar to the bunny series I did a few Easters ago (here, here and here). Well I finally finished her today and I think she is soooo cute. She is a whopping 27 inches from her foot to the tip of her ear and 19 inches from her foot to the top of her head. She is made from a pink cotton candy plush faux fur and her face is cotton. Her face is needle sculpted and her ears are wired so that they can be bent and posed. My previous bunnies were string jointed but this bunny is going to a kiddo so I decided to give her plastic safety joints. The joints are in her arms, legs and head. She is weighted a bit in her feet and tush so that she can sit pretty well. Her feet and hands are needle sculpted and shaded. Instead of making her a dress I put an adorable vintage dress on her. I am no seamstress and I thought an easily removable dress would be better for this girl. I hope her new momma likes her!