Sunday, July 11, 2010

Quilting Class!

Sarah asked me a while back if I would be interested in taking a quilting class with her at this little fabric shop that is only about a block from my house. It is called Piece by Piece Fabrics and they have a great selection of cotton fabrics. I told her of course I would! People consider me a professional sewer and I get asked all the time for tips and advice but I usually have to admit that I do not know a thing about it! It's true! I don't follow patterns and mostly sew by trial and error. I tried to make a quilt once and my corners were so off it was a mess. Granted that was 10 years ago and long before I sewed for a living but I still remember it and think that experience adds to my reservations on my abilities. I have wanted to improve my sewing skills for a long time and this class seemed like a great chance.

We had to pick 4 fabrics for our quilt and here are three of mine.

Sarah and I went fabric shopping and I had a bunch of other fabrics picked out until I found the middle one. It has adorable foxes and squirrels on it in a fall motif. I couldn't resist so I stole a couple Sarah had already picked out for her quilt (sorry Sarah!). She ended up picking something totally different anyway so there.

The class is 3 hours each Sunday for 3 weeks. That seemed like a long time but our first class today went by so fast. I really like our teacher and look at my squares!!!!!

They aren't perfect but I am happy with them! I will be sure to post more progress pictures next week.

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