Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New and Exciting!!!

One of the number one requests I receive from customers is a baby doll for kids with changeable clothes. The second most common request is a play doll with open eyes. I have accomplished both with this new design! It all started when I was cleaning out my drawers (like usual) and found this doll that I never finished. What happened was somehow the head, body and legs got sewn but no arms. Well each fabric I have is slightly different and the fabric that doll was made from ran out before I was able to get arms sewn. For about a year the doll sat here and I tried to match the fabric but it never happened.

Last week I bought some fabric paints with the intention of painting eyes that would hopefully withstand a washing. Prior to now I used acrylic paint that was durable but not washable which was the reason I did not have open eyed dolls for kids. I decided that the doll that had been stuffed in the drawer would become an experiment. I painted eyes and then after letting it dry tossed the head in the washing machine. I was nervous but so happy when it came out perfect!!! I decided to finish the doll into a huge bundle baby since it didn't have any arms. I listed her in my shop and she was snapped up immediately (maybe I should make more big ones).

Next I started on a design with changeable clothes for kids to play with. Here is the first one, a little girl with sleepy eyes.

I thought she came out super cute but I wanted to alter the pattern to have smaller hands and added ears. I made a little boy next with open eyes.

I spent the day photographing them and trying to come up with a name for the design. They are so soft and floppy, truly a baby doll I would have loved as a little girl. After discussing with my Mom on name ideas I decided to call them Soft Heart BeBes. What do you think?

They measure in at about 15 inches long. Each Soft Heart will come in a velcro diaper, altered onesie, hat and socks. They can have open or sleeping eyes, be a boy or girl and have different skin colors. Do you know a little girl or boy that would like a sweat little baby doll for Christmas? If so please email me if you would like to order. Otherwise I hope to get a couple of these little ones made up and listed in my shop before Christmas. If you like the two shown above you can find the boy in my shop and the girl may be listed as soon as I hear from a customer that may purchase her. And for now here are some additional pictures of them.

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Pumpkin Filled Day

My pal Sarah planned a pumpkin carving party yesterday at her house which started with heading out to the pumpkin patch first thing in the morning. We went last year too and it was so much fun I am hoping it is becoming a tradition! The pumpkin patch we go to is at Lone Pine Farms and is only a little ways out of town. They have goats, hay/corn mazes, playgrounds, food and of course PUMPKINS!

The goats are always really cute. They have food you can buy to feed them. Some of them are high up on a goats-only path that goes over head.

Normally you take either a tractor or horse drawn ride out to the patch so this year we got our tickets and boarded. Our friends Dave and Kim decided instead to walk to the closest patch and I was like "who wants to gotta take the ride!!". Well it turns out it wasn't a very good pumpkin season in these parts so the tractor took us around the perimeter and ended up just dropping us off right next to Kim and Dave. It turns out that WAS the only patch! It was kind of stupid ha ha. We ended up walking back!

After picking your pumpkin you have to put it on a big scale and get it weighed. Then the best part happens....TREATS! Inside the store there are piles and piles of fresh produce and sweet treats. We always get a bag (or bags depending on who you are) of the farm's kettle corn but it is also fun to check out the other treats. They had the biggest carmel apples we had ever seen.

Sarah had planned the carving part for the afternoon so after coming home for a bit I made some homemade scalloped potatoes and headed back over. I am a firm believer in the pumpkin carving kits that come with tools and templates so I got a new one this year to bring and share. Everyone got to work and our pal Dave toasted the pumpkin seeds in the oven (which came out delicious). Adam sat out front where he had more "elbow room" and carved a masterpiece.

The pumpkins started lining up outside the house before it was dark but luckily we didn't have to wait long before it was dark enough to see them in all their glory. We ended the evening with a game of Apples to Apples (which by the way is my favorite game ever). It was a great day!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Miniature Mania!

I was recently asked to make the smallest doll I have ever made at two inches. The first attempt was too big but I got it right the second time around. I enjoyed making the tiny dolls so much I made another one and listed him today. One thing I like about these little guys is that they don't require many supplies. And things are still tight around here until my financial aid arrives so there has been no spending money on supplies! I also like that they don't take as much time to make as some of my larger, more involved dolls/plush.

This is the one that started at all. I finally got her down to 2 inches.

Below on the left is Tilly who was my very first attempt. She is available in my Etsy shop along with Robert who was finished up yesterday.

In addition to that doll request I was also asked by a nurse to create a BeBe Pet bear that she could attach to her stethoscope. After creating that little guy I made a couple more of those too. It is kind of fun when people ask for something special because it gives me an opportunity to do something I hadn't thought of. I like it!

Below is the little guy that went to the nurse.

This little one is a polar bear available for adoption here.

The two pictures below include a patchwork bunny, brown bear and tan dog. They all went to one person who adores miniatures.

Want your very own miniature but need something not available? Email me! I would be glad to work with you. :)