Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New and Exciting!!!

One of the number one requests I receive from customers is a baby doll for kids with changeable clothes. The second most common request is a play doll with open eyes. I have accomplished both with this new design! It all started when I was cleaning out my drawers (like usual) and found this doll that I never finished. What happened was somehow the head, body and legs got sewn but no arms. Well each fabric I have is slightly different and the fabric that doll was made from ran out before I was able to get arms sewn. For about a year the doll sat here and I tried to match the fabric but it never happened.

Last week I bought some fabric paints with the intention of painting eyes that would hopefully withstand a washing. Prior to now I used acrylic paint that was durable but not washable which was the reason I did not have open eyed dolls for kids. I decided that the doll that had been stuffed in the drawer would become an experiment. I painted eyes and then after letting it dry tossed the head in the washing machine. I was nervous but so happy when it came out perfect!!! I decided to finish the doll into a huge bundle baby since it didn't have any arms. I listed her in my shop and she was snapped up immediately (maybe I should make more big ones).

Next I started on a design with changeable clothes for kids to play with. Here is the first one, a little girl with sleepy eyes.

I thought she came out super cute but I wanted to alter the pattern to have smaller hands and added ears. I made a little boy next with open eyes.

I spent the day photographing them and trying to come up with a name for the design. They are so soft and floppy, truly a baby doll I would have loved as a little girl. After discussing with my Mom on name ideas I decided to call them Soft Heart BeBes. What do you think?

They measure in at about 15 inches long. Each Soft Heart will come in a velcro diaper, altered onesie, hat and socks. They can have open or sleeping eyes, be a boy or girl and have different skin colors. Do you know a little girl or boy that would like a sweat little baby doll for Christmas? If so please email me if you would like to order. Otherwise I hope to get a couple of these little ones made up and listed in my shop before Christmas. If you like the two shown above you can find the boy in my shop and the girl may be listed as soon as I hear from a customer that may purchase her. And for now here are some additional pictures of them.

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