Thursday, August 5, 2010


Well seeing as though it is the second time I have come home recently and had someone photographing the flowers in my yard I decided maybe I should take my own pictures. I have to admit my yard is the crowning glory of living here. It is beautiful, orderly and lush. Unfortunately, while I enjoy it, it just reminds me that the inside of the house is not quite as beautiful or orderly. Oh well at least something around here is! I hope you enjoy these pictures of the flowers in my yard.


The next two pictures are two of the plants that overhang on the fence between my yard and the neighbors. I don't know what they are but there is an orange one, a yellow one and a pink one. They are fabulous at attracting hummingbirds but unfortunately also bees. They make me long for Hawaii because they remind me of Hawaiian flowers.

Usually when I catch someone in the yard taking pictures they are focused on these bad boys. For some reason these (irises I think) looooove the dirt in my yard. They grow like weeds! The flowers are so gorgeous but since they are planted along the fence people walking by are always admiring them. I sort of cussed a guy out last year for cutting one of them (poor guy looked so sorry and was probably just thinking of the beautiful bouquet he was gonna give to a special lady). HOWever people that cut other people's flowers make me so angry. Because I am home nearly all the time now I sit waiting for the next person to try and cut these. They will be sorry I tell ya! They are mine and are there for mine and other people's enjoyment. Please don't steal someone's flowers!!! Ok off my soap box.

Roosevelt came to see what I was up to

I hope you enjoyed visiting the yard!

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