Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Set! Alienpus!

I drove around to all the craft stores today and can you believe there was no space paper anywhere??? No stars, planets, aliens nada!!! Maybe it is the wrong time of year because there was plenty of beach paper (which would have come in handy last time with my under the sea theme but of course it wasn't out then). I guess when putting together a scrapbook you would rarely need space paper as most of us don't visit space on our family/summer vacations. I guess it's a good thing because it enables me to cut up paper and play with my craft supplies. Who needs cookie cutter designs anyway!

Anyhoo! Yesterday I was walking to swimming class and I had a brilliant idea! Well maybe not brilliant but something I really wanted to make and so as soon as I got home I furiously sewed the rest of the day. I love projects that I am able to complete in one day and this was one of them. Pleasantly there was little frustration and I only had to start over on the vinyl once, yay! By the way, vinyl is a bit tricky to sew with and I am new to it. I think there are so many possibilities though.

You know how I recently enlarged my octopus pattern and made some big ones? Well for some reason I am obsessed with all things octopus and it's not like I am the only one. Lots of people out there have been making all kinds of octopuses, monster-puses and more. Like these, these, these and these. However I have not seen an alien octopus and for some reason it popped into my head. This may be due to the amount of X-Files I have been watching lately.

A little bit about this dude: He is made of green and white fleece and his helmet is vinyl. He is approximately 10 inches tall and 22 inches wide. All of his tentacles are wired and can be posed. He has a somewhat floppy big head but can be positioned pretty easily without his head tipping over. The helmet is not removable because he would die if he breathed our air. He probably needs a story but I didn't write one so you can imagine for yourself where he came from and what he is doing here. Oh and if you want to bring him home he is in the Boom! Plush shop here.

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