Saturday, August 21, 2010


I had this idea a while back and I never really got around to doing it until now. I had the idea that it would be fun to turn graffiti into plush. While I realize graffiti can be controversial in my opinion really well done pieces are so amazing. My favorite thing is all the bright colors. I started by searching to see if anyone else had done anything like this and the only other plush graffiti I found was by a fellow Plush Team member Chris Creatures. But also when I searched I found this picture on Flickr. Not only was it graffiti but it said plush! And not only did it say plush but it was from Portland Maine where I was in May for Sarah's wedding! It was like fate or something haha.

I started by creating a pattern and in the process I realized that there was no "S" in the picture. I stared at it forever trying to figure out if I am just a doof or if there really is no S. I really didn't want to change the artists work but I figured if I wanted it to say plush I wouldn't be the only one that realized there was no S. I decided to add it myself and I hope it didn't ruin it. I am in the process of trying to contact the actual artist because I don't plan to sell it unless the original artist approves and receives compensation.

I used some of the skills I learned in my quilting class when I pieced the colors together. I was happy about that! My hope is that I can find a graffiti artist (or a couple) to work with on some more pieces. I really think it is something I would love to work on and maybe do a gallery show? I don't know.... one can dream.

My fingers are killing me from all the hand sewing and I am glad it is done. A little bit about it: It measures about 33 in. by 10 in. at the biggest spots and around 3 inches thick. It is made of cotton and all of the accents are wool felt. I had to change some of the accents due to the pattern naturally changing from paper to fabric but I did the best I could to keep it the same as the original. I took it around the neighborhood this evening to snap some photos that I hoped would look realistic. These are the two I liked best.

Do you know a graffiti artist that would be interested in working with me? Let me know! I hope you like my new work...could you imagine soft graffiti around town? I think it would be cool but I would never give one of these away to the city...too much work! It makes me appreciate the work that graffiti artists do that will most likely be painted over if it is out on the streets.


  1. wow i really enjoyed that - i think, looking at the original graffitti, that the s was made from part of the u and part of the L ...

  2. This is insane! The environment shots are, as always, incredibly beautiful. Thanks for making this.

  3. Thanks ladies and Cat you are right! I talked to the artist and confirmed that the U and L are part of the S haha.