Monday, June 29, 2009


Ok like I said I have started a blog....and I'm not too excited. I mean I love reading blogs and I have always wanted my very own blog but I guess it's kind of like having kids. I have always wanted one and I love kids but now I must take care of it....the blog that is. There are a couple things I have discovered I personally like about the blogs I read and I would like to incorporate those things into hopefully people enjoy reading my blabber. This is not a how-to but here is what I like about blogging...with a few links to my favorite blogs.

Daily blogging- I like to see a new post every day... or at least every other day. Craftypod is my sure bet for this!

Pictures- Lots and lots of eye candy is awesome....see Plushyou!

My pals- Sarah is my pal and I love her! I like reading blog posts about good times that I was present for.

Funny things- I am sad to say that the Mom-o-Matic blog will not be going on forever but I will say I have much enjoyed the humor and funny links over the last however long I have been reading her blog.

Ta-ta for now and here's a picture!