Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sometimes It Needs to be Just for Me

Hi peeps! So this last week I was flat on my back with the pig sickness. Okay it's true I never went to the doctor to confirm it but I am pretty sure. I mean I have been on the Swine Flu Disaster Planning Committee at my work for the last month or two. I know ALL about it! I also have to admit the reason I didn't go to the doctor and get tested is because one of the nurses on the committee was tested and she said the test hurt like crap. Something about a long q-tip way up in her sinus cavity. No thank you sir that is not for me.

Anyhoo while I was camped on my futon for never ending days on end the only thing I really felt like doing was drawing (oh and cuddling with Maisy). Here are my doodles (do you see Maisy in there?).

I can never make this many awesome doodles without wanting to then create a 3-D plush version. I don't get these opportunities very often. It seems like most of my life I am doing something, making something, saying something, living somewhere just to please anybody but myself. It's these times, when I make something just because I want to, that I remember what this is really all about. Frankly it makes me damn pleased with myself.

Meet this dude.

The special thing about this guy is I created him completely on the futon. That means no sewing machine. That's right I HAND SEWED him and all his pieces. Do you see him up in the bottom left hand corner on my doodle page?

He is made of a mustardy (not a word I know) yellow upholstery fabric from my epic stash that is rarely tapped into. His boom box, headphones, teeth and tongue are all felt and his mouth is embroidered with floss. I drew on his eyes and eyebrows. He has wired poseable arms and the boom box is movable.

There's something about the happiness and hopeful-ness of his face that really cheers me up. And I need that lately. Things are tough these days. Most of the time I really want to hole up on a futon and sew up some of my doodles while my Mom whips me up some chicken noodle soup. But alas there are people to please. It was a delicious illness while it lasted......