Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's a Christmas Miracle

I went to Christmas this year at my Dad's and he handed me a stocking. As I unwrapped the gifts I started to wonder if my Dad had lost it or if he had just cleaned out his junk drawer and emptied it into my stocking. There was a used deck of cards, air freshener and a bag of paper tubes to roll coins.

As my brother finished unwrapping his multiple gifts my Dad went to get my gift. He came around the corner with the largest wine bottle I have ever seen. The bottle was about half way full of change. My Dad proceeded to explain that it had taken him several years to fill the bottle in the past. When he cashed the change in the last time he had put the money/bills back into the bottle and started again on filling it. He knew how much I needed a laptop (okay I don't really neeeeed one but I wanted one and I do think it will help with school). So he said the bottle was mine...whatever was in it, no matter how much, was all mine.

Let's just say that I think my Dad was re-thinking his gift when the final tally of how much was in it came in. Today I went to get my laptop.... I ended up getting a macbook and at the moment I am in love with it. I might nearly love it as much as a human being. Plus I pointed out earlier it keeps my lap warm so it might really be all I need in this life.

Anyhoo since I have been sitting in a chair glazing over from staring at the computer so long I thought I would share a cute little shop I just discovered. These are Loopy Dolls. I want this shark one for my nephew so bad. He loves anything with Sharks on it. What I love the most about this doll is that when it is laying down it looks just like a shark. Go straight to the listing here.

I hope you all got everything you wanted for Christmas!!!!

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