Thursday, January 14, 2010

Keeping Resolutions!

Remember when I said I wanted to work on more plush critters for fun and for shows? Well I realized I have already kept my "sort of" new years resolution. The other day I had this weird urge to make an octopus. Like most of my project attempts the first try did not work out. By the way in case it isn't obvious I don't work with patterns. I draw my own pattern pieces and through trial and error finish the piece. So the first couple attempts didn't work out. There have been times when I have been discouraged by these first failed attempts and the pieces end up stuffed in a drawer until I can get back to finishing them.

I decided to give this octopus one more try and wa-la! She (a cute pirate) emerged from the sraps of fabric. I decided to make her a birdie as well as equip her with some swords.

Another thing I have really wanted to do for a long time is make a pattern line. What would you think about this little octopus being the first pattern I offer?

She is made of a recycled/thrifted piece of blue and white striped linen for her body and the tops of her tentacles. The bottom piece is made from pink fleece. Her face has wool felt pieces and embroidery. The birdie is wool felt and is posed on a needle so she can be moved around. Every tentacle is wired so that she can be wrapped around things or just posed cute. Aye!

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