Thursday, February 18, 2010

Captain Weirdbeard!

It has been so long since I posted! I thought I would share my newest creation. This is Captain Weirdbeard! He is a drunk little star fish pirate. He started out as a doodle and is now a completed plush made from orange minky dot fabric and felt (oh and his peg leg is a cotton wood print). Right now he has a little felt liquor bottle which I will be replacing with a better creation. Cap. Weirdbeard is wired throughout his body and can be posed in all kinds of ways.

I hope to create a new photo set with him that will include sand and beachy type things. In fact I am thinking about taking him to the actual beach for a photo shoot but we shall see if I find the time. Look for more fun plush creations soon!


  1. The Captain is just too cute. I simply love all of your creations. I am saving up to purchase one of your deluxe BeBe Babies.