Friday, November 26, 2010

Mac The New Graffiti Monster and Going to Gallery

First I have to say I might be losing my marbles. The holidays are always crazy and I forget every year until the panic sets in and I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I like being my own boss but I really need to stop piling so much on my plate during the holidays. Most days I have 10,000 more things to do than I can complete and I stress SO MUCH about the things I won't get to. Also my studying is suffering and that is just unacceptable! So it feels good to complete such a big project as this and know that one huge thing is off my list.

Remember the graffiti monster I made over the summer? I had started a second one and then had to put him aside (see above paragraph). Well then I got wind of a gallery in Chicago that is putting on a plush show in December. The gallery is called Oh No! Doom which I think is just about the coolest name ever. Lana Crooks is coordinating the show, which is called Soft Served, and she makes the coolest plush ever! I mean look at this and this. It's insane (and admittedly intimidating).

Anyhoo they are letting me in and it is the first gallery show I have ever done. It has been a goal of mine for a long time to get into doing gallery shows but I never seemed to have the time. I like it because it allows me to be creative and work on a design I have never done before. After all that is my favorite thing about making plush!

I decided to send Mr. Lucius the first graffiti monster as well as finish the second one. I had not really done much on the second one so I had a looooong way to go and I have been working on him for what feels like forever. You know me and my details. He's finally done though and I just took some photos of him.

This is the doodle of him when he was first conceived (like a plush baby haha).

And here he is done!

As you can see I changed a few things about him and to be honest I haven't looked at his original picture until I started to write this post and now I wish I would have looked at it sooner. I think I would have done a couple other/different things. But I am really going to stop obsessing about it!


Wanna know a little bit about him? Well he is about 20 inches tall and 13 inches wide. He is made of fake fur, felt and fleece. His eyes are glass and hand painted. I painted in some blood looking spots. The eyes are wired and can be bent in different positions. I love how they came out. He wears a knit beanie and has 12 arms/legs. His paint cans all have paint with three of them standing out as spray.

Blood eyes

Side View

If you are interested in Lucius or Mac check out the Oh No! Doom gallery in December.

Mac does graffiti.

Lucius wants one more photo taken.

Thanks for reading! I have to get back to sewing now!

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