Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Whoa Blogger is all weird...I guess it's been a while.  Hi all!  I figured it was time I buckle down and write a blog post.  It seems like every time I think of something to write about, I put it off, and now I feel like there are so many things, I don't know where to start.

First, I moved into an apartment.  The BeBes and I are in a new place!  Oh and Maisy too.  She lays by me while I work on BeBes in the kitchen.

Second...I'm going to Mexico!  In June I leave for a study abroad program in Mexico.  I'm not excited and terrified...I am mostly terrified.  ANYway, I am trying to raise money in any way that I can, so I'm listing everything I can find around here on Etsy, ON SALE!  Yep on sale.  Check them out here.

Oh and I turned 30.  I admit I was also terrified of my birthday, mostly because I didn't want a crappy story for my 30th birthday.  It ended up exceeding my expectations.  First... all my friends went out dancing on my actual birthday (no pictures, please private party (or I just always forget to take pictures)).  Thennnnnnnn, my boyfriend who had to be out of town on my actual birthday, booked us a gorgeous hotel room at the beach for the weekend.  It couldn't have been more perfect.  The weather was beautiful for the Oregon coast and we had so much was hard to come back.

Birthday champagne, and a message in a bottle...look at that view!

Enjoying the scenery tee hee.


Ok... keep checking my shops and help me go to Mexico!  I'm going to be sewing my heart out until June.  :)

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