Thursday, July 3, 2014

Making Videos for Youtube and Life in Mexico

Well I am home sick today and it really stinks.  I haven't shared a lot about what is going on with my health but it isn't good.  Let me give you the short story.  A little over a year ago I had a urinary tract infection.  There are doctors here in Mexico that are free and sit in little offices alongside the pharmacy.  They don't do much except listen to your symptoms and prescribe you medicine.  Last year I went there for the first infection but after the it returned a month later I made an appointment with a "real" doctor, as we say here.  It was expensive (not as expensive as the US, but for the amount of money I make, it was a hardship).  After a bunch of labs I was diagnosed with anemia and an e.coli infection.  I was loaded up with antibiotics and iron pills.  After checking the labs a month later I seemed to be cured.

However this infection has continued to rear it's ugly head every 2-3 months for the last year.  To avoid paying for the doctor, I went back to seeing the free doctors and taking the same antibiotic every 2-3 months.  Well about two weeks ago the infection was back.  I went to the free doctor like usual, and she prescribed a medicine I had never taken.  I knew right away that it wasn't working.  I took the medicine 4 days as prescribed, and while I felt better (e.i. I wasn't in excruciating pain) I knew the infection wasn't gone.

I decided to see another "real" doctor but this time my friend pointed me to her doctor, who is English.  It is very difficult to see a Mexican doctor even if they speak English.  There is always something lost in translation I feel.  This new doctor was much cheaper than the first, and he has re-ordered lab tests.  He believes I have never fully recovered from the first infection or that I have some sort of malfunction with my bladder/urinary system.  I was hoping I could hold off the infection until the labs came back so I wouldn't have to miss work, but of course it struck again in the middle of last night.

I'm having a lot of new symptoms that I wasn't having last year and this has me very concerned.  I'm also very worried about my job as it isn't the most convenient place to call in sick at, and besides I don't like being an inconvenience to my employer.  I have resigned to realizing it is what it is, and it will be what it will be, although my anxiety about it flares up periodically.

Because I have been stuck home in bed I decided it might be a good time to work on a Youtube channel.  I have a Youtube account but I only used it in the past for personal reasons.  Recently a customer of mine suggested I start making videos of my dolls and I thought that was a pretty clever idea.  So I made a video of my newest BeBe Rebekah and I set out to edit the video.

This is where I nearly gave up.  I have a Mac which has a program called imovie.  In my opinion it is not very user friendly, but after 5 hours of watching Youtube videos about imovie, as well as trial and error, I have finally finished my first practice video.

The next task is to get all my BeBe graphics and things uploaded on Youtube.  This is causing me the next big headache.  All of my BeBe graphics are always designed for certain sites like Etsy or my website.  Of course this means every time I try to use them on another site they aren't the right size.  I hate photo editing.  I don't think there is anything I hate more, so it is driving me batty trying to figure out how to create "channel art" as Youtube calls it.  If anyone has any ideas or wants to help me let me know.  For now I'm too exhausted, and in too much pain to continue trying to figure it out.

I wanted this post to be empowering.  I wanted it to be about learning to do things yourself.  But I get it, it sucks.  It sucks trying to keep up with all these new social media outlets.  It sucks spending one whole day trying to make a video that isn't even all that good.  I know though that if I keep up with practicing at making videos, I will get very fast and look back and think it was not so hard.  So that's my motivation for you today.  It's hard for all of us but we have to all keep trying and learning.  As Dory says, "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.."

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