Saturday, September 6, 2014

And the Winner issss...

Congrats to Angelica and a big BIG thank you to everyone who entered my contest by sharing BeBe Babies on Facebook.  Let's take a look at the results.  The goal was to reach 2,000 likes and we didn't even come close.  :(  However that was a gigantic goal and I'm not too disappointed because it was unrealistic.  Here's what we did do (watch out I'm about to do math, and if you see an error don't tell me ha ha):

When the contest started on August 29 I had 1108 likes.  When the contest ended yesterday I had 1146 likes.  That's an increase of 38 likes in one week.  That might not seem like a lot in comparasion to my goal, but really it is.  Remember I said I have been averaging 85.5 likes per month.  That's approximately 21 likes per week.  Receiving 38 likes is a 80% increase in my weekly total.  Now of course that probably won't continue now that the contest is over but to me it's significant.

I really liked this contest.  I especially liked watching the numbers and seeing what would happen.  For now I'm ready to get some sewing done as I have been sick for several days with parasites.  Yuck I know, but it's a part of life here in Mexico.  It's really horrible.

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