Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The BeBe Babies Virtual Baby Shower Starts Now- Giveaway!

As I announced last month I'm expecting a real BeBe of my very own.  I really wanted to do something fun for my fans during this special time so I decided to do a virtual baby shower.  How it will work is that each month until my little guy is born (May, June and July) I will be posting a fun contest/game in conjunction with a giveaway.  Each giveaway is going to be something new and unique to BeBe Babies.  I have been working on this month's giveaway for quite some time and it took longer to prepare than I had wished.  I wanted it to be perfect though and I'm pretty satisfied that it is.

The game:
This month's game is a simple name guess.  We have chosen the name for our little guy and I invite you to make your guess as to what we have chosen.  Anyone who guesses the name correctly will be entered into a drawing.  PLEASE NOTE: If you are friends with me on Facebook or in real life you might already know his name.  That does not mean you can't participate.  There will be a separate drawing for you.  So if you know his name, instead of entering a guess, just write "I already know his name :)" and I will enter you in the separate drawing.  The hint for his name is in the photo above.

The prize:
This prize was inspired by receiving blankets.  When I was in the states shopping for my little one I felt that there weren't many options for receiving blankets.  In fact I think there were only two different packs/patterns at Target/Walmart.  I decided it would be a lot cuter, and more fun, to make my own.

Ready for baby.

So I went to Joann Fabrics and picked out a few different patterns that I liked.  I had looked at the normal receiving blanket size on a pack of them at Walmart.  However after a little research when I got home I read that several moms recommend a larger size.  Because of this I was only able to make one blanket out of each of the fabrics I bought for him.  There was some material left over and I figured I would use it to make a few Bundle BeBes.

But then I got an idea.  How cute would it be to make a receiving/swaddling blanket that have their very own matching Bundle BeBe?  I got to work sewing up a few different styles...

...and voila!  Here are the completed sets.  The two on top are just examples.  They will actually be my baby's blankets.  The Bundle BeBes however are available alone in my shop here.  I think these sets would make the perfect baby shower gift or an anytime baby gift.  They also would be great for reborns or other collectible dolls.  The only down side is that making the blanket uses a lot of material.  I'm not sure if I will be making any sets for my shop yet because I don't want to use up all of my material.  The blankets are about 43 by 41 inches.

The bottom two are going to be the giveaways in this month's contest!

Here is the first one.  It is pink with little white buttons printed on it.  

And this one is blue with orange mushrooms.

How to enter:
There are several ways for you to enter as well as earn additional entries.  But FIRST you must not forget to guess my baby's name.  Here's how to enter your guess:

-Post a comment here on this blog with your guess.
-Post a comment with your guess on the Facebook giveaway post here.
-Email me at ( or message me on Facebook with your guess.
-Basically find a way to send me your guess!

If you want to earn an additional 5 entries here is how (earn an additional 5 for each task completed):
-Post a link to this blog post on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social networking site.
-Share the BeBe Babies and Friends Facebook page on your personal Facebook.
-Check out either of the two BeBe Babies shops and tell me which is your favorite BeBe Baby listed.  BeBe Babies Mexico is here and BeBe Babies USA is here.
-Share one of the BeBe Baby Etsy shops on your Facebook or other social networking site.
-Share the BeBe Babies website on your Facebook or other social networking site.

The Rules:
If you do one of the additional tasks please let me know somehow (tag me on the post, email me the link, etc).  I need to verify that it was actually done.

You can only guess ONE time.  If you send me multiple names I will only count the first one you send.  

The contest will run for 1 week, starting today May 20 and ending May 27.  I will draw the winners on Thursday May 28. 

I hope you have fun sharing with me this special time in my life.  I can't wait to plan next month's event!  Be sure to stay tuned...