Sunday, February 28, 2016

New Adventures In Custom Blythe Dolls and Eye Chips

Hello everyone!  As you know my little guy keeps me pretty busy but as always I hope to return to blogging regularly at some point.  By the way he is 7 months old now!

In between caring for him and making BeBes I've started a new adventure.  I've been a fan of Blythe dolls for many years but decided to try my hand at customizing my own.  It has become an addictive hobby I do in the evenings after sewing BeBes and putting the little guy to bed.  Here are the four I've had for sale.

Poppy is available on Etsy here.
Julia is available on Etsy here.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Blythe dolls you can read about their history here.  One of the key features of Blythe is that she has a pull string in her head that when you pull it her eyes change.  She has four pairs of eyes (they look left, right, and two look forward).  You can buy all different kinds to change the eyes that come with the doll.  You can buy realistic printed eyes, you can paint plastic chips yourself, and there are glass eyes, etc.  

Here is a pair of eyes I painted.

I'm sure I've mentioned before that my partner is an amazing artist.  Well one of the things he likes to draw most is eyes.  I found that there weren't many people in the USA selling eyes for Blythe, and really there wasn't anyone selling realistic eyes in the USA.  That meant the wait time for receiving eyes was at least a week but usually longer.  So while I was working on my third doll Poppy, I asked him if he could possibly draw me some eyes for her.  He went nuts and started making a ton of eyes.  

They were so great that I decided to offer some for sale.  We created a new shop on Etsy and have been working hard to get it going.  So far it has been a hit.

If you are interested in a new place to buy your Blythe eyes check out or eye chips on Etsy!  

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