Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Gifts Part 2

I told you there would be a part 2!!! I am in the home stretch and feeling a lot better than I was the other day. I think it is going to all get done. Yay! One thing that has been awesome about making plush gifts for everyone this year is that for some reason they have all come together with little frustration. Every single plush is a new design for me that I have never made before but even so I have not had to start over once! This is a huge accomplishment. It must be the love going into each one.. :) On to the plush!

First I made these Christmas ball monster ornaments the other day. The red one went to a holiday gift exchange and the other is hanging here waiting for someone to receive him (although I'm not even sure who that will be..maybe me).

The next gift is for my brother. He is a fireman and I thought it would be fun to make him some kind of flame or fire plush. While I was browsing the Internet looking for inspiration I came across this guy. After seeing him it was impossible to draw my own design without him looking just like it. Normally I don't like to use anyone else's work as I prefer to draw my own. I think it is more unique and ethical if you know what I mean. I decided because it was just a plush for my brother I would just make the plush exactly like the illustration (just this once).

And lastly I finished my step dad's gift today. My step dad has a nickname that is "wood rat". He is obsessed with woodworking and has made all kinds of wood projects and furniture. For instance I went to their house the other day and found some of my older dolls sticking out of his newest toy box. He sent me this picture later.

So I decided to make him a plush rat that would be holding a "wood" sign that read Wood Rat. I was really really happy with how he came out and wanted to hug him. He is so soft and squeezable! I am happy that all these gifts will be staying in the family though.

That's it for now! There still should be a part 3 coming as I am still working on a couple more gifts but the post might be after Christmas. If I don't post before the holiday I wish you all the best!

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