Sunday, May 22, 2011


You have probably seen the mini BeBe Babies that I have made over the years but what you might not know is that BeBe Babies began as a single miniature doll. The very first BeBe Baby was around five inches long. It took several tries before she was at least satisfactory and in comparison to my dolls today, she was very crude. When she was done, even though she was so simple, I had one of those moments where I knew something great was coming. Through the following year I worked on her design, tweaking things here and there, until she was even better. I have continued on since then changing the original pattern and ending up with the miniature designs I have now.

The original BeBe used to reside in a tea cup at my Mom's house but as of today my Mom can not seem to remember where she is. She is probably hiding up in the Christmas or Valentine decorations. I wish I still had her picture so that you all could see what she looks like but I promise if and when she is found I will share her with you all. It was early 2007 after all and since then I have changed photo hosting sites as well as computers so it has been impossible to track down her picture.

I thought it would be fun to look back over the years at some BeBe miniatures so that you can see their evolution. You will notice that details, like noses and ears, did not originally exist on them. Another thing you might notice is how much better my picture taking skills have become.

Next came noses and ears but still no toes.

And finally toes emerged!

Now my miniatures have reached their smallest size ever at around 2-3 inches. The inspiration for this post came from a wonderful customer who has been collecting my miniatures. She posted some pictures of them in super cute outfits she made as well as in an adorable doll house setting. Here are a couple of the ones she bought that you will see in her pictures.

And here are her pictures!

I hope you enjoyed the miniature BeBe journey!

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