Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So last week was my 29th birthday and I had all these grand ideas of making a list of 30 things I wanted to do before I turn 30. I have seen a lot of bloggers do lists like these and then as they complete each thing they blog about it. I always thought it was cute and fun and I wanted in on the cleverness. Originally I thought this would be a great way for me to set some goals and accomplish them, plus I really like making lists and checking things off. I had thought about it over the weeks leading up to my birthday but only sat down to make the list a couple days before. I got stuck after three things, THREE! It went like this:
  1. climb to the top of mountains (mt. pisgah, spencers butte for starters)
  2. go to San Francisco
  3. lose 20 lbs
I then figured I didn't have to finish the list until the day of my birthday. But then on my birthday I climbed to the top of Spencer's Butte (which was awesome by the way) so that left me with only two tasks left and still no new ideas.

View from the top of Butte

Part of the reason it was hard to make the list was because I was trying to be realistic. Sure I can think of 30 amazing, magical things I want to do like travel around the tropics or live in a bigger house but a lot of the things that come to mind require vast amounts of money or resources. It just isn't realistic to think any of them will happen this year. Even if I wasn't a desperately poor student I probably won't have the money for such things for a long time, if ever.

The list has been basically abandoned but that isn't exactly what this post is about. In fact I wasn't even going to share my failed list attempt but then over the last couple days I was finding myself inspired by simple things that really didn't cost me much or anything. It all started really with the climb on my birthday. I had wanted to do it for so long and never thought it would be so easy. I also realized that some of the reason I liked the 30 things list is because it would require me to blog more which I really want to do.

I recently was introduced to Tumblr via Koalogy and it occurred to me that I don't have to always have a long or profound story to tell. Blogging can be quick little inspirations about what I see or makes me happy on a given day. That idea is the inspiration behind this post. Here are a few of the things that are making me excited right now.

Maybe you saw my recent Etsy treasury but I have really been getting into jewelry lately, specifically rings like this vintage-looking pretty. So I was digging through my old jewelry looking for a necklace actually, and I found this ring. I don't remember my Mom giving it to me at all but apparently it came from her. It has the tiniest Casie-size diamond in the middle and I love it so much.

Over this last weekend I went to visit Katrina in Portland and decided it was time to invest in some new faux fur. There is a fabric store in Portland called Fabric Depot that has the most amazing selection of fur. They have nearly every color and style lined up along the walls. I love to walk up and down the line dragging my hand along their furry piles (I also hug some of them sometimes but they are way in the back and no one is usually back there but me and the amazing wholesale ladies). I was getting so sick of having the same old selections in my closet to pick from when monster making. Admittedly these colors look a little Easter-ish but the pink was half off and I wanted to have colors that are nothing like I already have. I can't wait to figure out what to make with them!

Lastly, each year I plant a garden with vegetables and lots of flowers. It can generally be a hundred dollar or more investment but it is one indulgence I really look forward to in the spring. This year it just isn't possible to spend that amount of money on plants but luckily my lovely parents built a greenhouse and had all kinds of plants started! I still might be able to buy some flowers but luckily I have been supplied with all my veggies and some flowers. They are probably going in the ground tonight but just seeing them on the porch waiting is making me happy.

What inspires you daily?

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