Monday, January 27, 2014

How to Turn Your Business Around

     "Do you have an extra pen?" She asked.
     I reached for the pen atop the bookshelf on my right.  As I passed it through the air to her unsuspecting hand I rolled it across my fingers and palm.  I gave her a smile.
     "No problem."
     I coughed again.  I had been sick for weeks.  Nothing new for me.  I thought, "teaching is not my calling.  Maybe if all the students are sick I won't have to come either."
     I wanted to be a teacher when I was a little girl, my brother wanted to be a fireman.  Now my brother hates being a fireman and I hate being a teacher.
     I can't remember a single thing my father or mother told me about making a career decision.  Neither went to college.  They believed in buying property, working your way up, and job security.  Things aren't the same for my generation.  We can't afford to do it that way.  I lost a house in the recession, worked my way to nowhere for 10 years, and I have 50K in student loans.  It's depressing and overwhelming.
     In the last couple months it dawned on me.  When I was a little girl I wanted to be a teacher because I thought the only jobs that existed were doctor, nurse, teacher, fireman and policeman.  I don't remember thinking anything else existed as an option.  However, I also loved baby dolls when I was a little girl.  Things don't change much do they?  The difference is that I LOVE making dolls.  It's the only thing I've never gotten tired of.  Not for one second.  It's time to make BeBe Babies a real, money-making business.
     Where did all this come from you ask?  Weeks and weeks of traveling down a rabbit hole after reading this link on Facebook.  So get ready.  More to come....


  1. Hi Casie!!! Interesting!!!! Yes!!!! Best wishes to you!!!! I know you will do it!!!!! I don't always have much faith in my self or follow through....but maybe watching you will help me too!!!! Thanks

    1. Thanks Carla for the encouragement! It is very scary! I hope to be completely honest in my journey to help others or at least make others not feel so alone while we try (and fail) at these things together. :0)