Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Your Perfect Work Day

Step 1: Plan your perfect work day

     "F*#@ my life" I think.  The ipod is lit up and bongo-ing at me.  What happened to the old beep beeeeep alarms, this gentle crap is more irritating.  5:45 am stares me in the face.  The street is silent except for the sound of my boots click clacking on the pavement.  My jacket is zipped to my throat.  I am wearing a sweater dress, sweater, jacket sweater and overcoat.  No one ever tells you Mexico is actually cold and the houses have no heat.  
     I arrive to work and immediately it is on.  Teaching English is 90% stand-up comedian/entertainer and 10% teacher.  I didn't know that going in.  You have to make the conversation.  You have to smile until your face hurts.  You have to care about people's lives you don't give a shit about.  I don't want to be so blunt here.  There are some amazing students at my school that I do very much enjoying talking to, and they know who they are.
     Two things I hate: waking up early, and making small talk with strangers.  Obviously I didn't put enough thought into this career choice.  Here's what my perfect work day would really look like:

          8-9 wake up-no alarm
          9-10 shower/get dressed
          10-12 eat breakfast, work on computer stuff
          12-2 or 3 sew
          3 eat lunch
          4-5 exercise
          5-7 sew/take photos
          7 eat dinner
          8-11 relax/read/write

     The point of this exercise is to help you determine what you "should" be doing, or what your values are.  I probably need to make mine more detailed, but for now I want to focus on reducing the amount of times I get up in the dark.  Yes I will start there...

Custom Blythe by Kerria Rosette, with a mini BeBe in her pocket!

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