Saturday, May 17, 2014

Boys, Boys, Boys!

Well since my last post it has become apparent that I am very very anemic.  I only became aware of my anemia problem last year and now when I really look back, I think I've struggled with it many times in my life.  The doctor says it can be caused by an infection, but also extreme stress, which I have both of.  Let me tell you I have been sleeping 8-10 hours a night, taking 3 hour naps during the day and losing my energy after being awake for about 2 hours.  It is making it very difficult to work and do anything that might help the stress I'm feeling as well.  I'm trying to take it easy on myself but the solitude is making everything worse.  I have started iron therapy but it will take a few days to build up in my system.  

It's times like these I am so thankful for my dolls.  Without them I think I would have lost my sanity a long time ago.  It's not always work to me.  Many times it's my therapy.  So when anemia strikes me this badly I feel defeated.  It becomes difficult to even push the sewing machine peddle or pick up the stuffing bag to stuff a doll head.  But I never give up...

I have two new dolls to share with you and surprisingly they came out as boys!  I don't make a lot of little boys because girls seem to sell a lot better.  But sometimes they are unmistakable boys!  The first is a new realistic preemie, who I have entered in a contest on The Doll Net.  The doll needed to be made just for the contest and I only had this little guy finished.  I'm happy with him but there were a few details I would have liked to improve.  By the time I heard about the contest I only had a few days to get a doll ready so Max had to do!  I hope you will check in on the contest when voting begins and give Max come love.  He will be available for adoption after the contest.

Then today I finished up a little boy who I listed in my shop.  He was finished a few days ago but needed a hat and booties.  Today when I got up I took advantage of the little bit of energy I had to walk to the store.  It's difficult for me in Mexico with no car because it is impossible to have a quick errand.  Everything requires walking, or a bus ride, and honestly I barely have the energy to walk up the stairs let alone walk 30 min to the store and 30 min back.  I did it though and got little Albert listed.

For now all things are on hold business wise until I can get my energy back but I'm doing the best I can.  Hopefully I will be back soon with more uplifting business oriented posts...


  1. Hi!!!!! I hope you feel better soon!!!! You will hopefully be full of energy once you get enough iron!!!! Your little boys are adorable!!!!! I will check out the contest!!!!! I had missed hearing about this, this year!!!! I usually remember it is in May...memory is starting to go!!!!! hugs

  2. Haha thanks Carla! I'm hoping to feel better soon too. Thanks for the comment and compliment on my boys. :)

  3. I had the same problem. They finally gave me an iron infusion. Big. Difference. Hope you get well soon.