Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Calling all BeBe Baby Mommies!

I have spent several months saving my money in order to return to the US, move to a different state, teach in another country, go on vacation and numerous other ideas.  My friends and family have become exasperated with my indecision.  The problem has been that nothing has felt "right".  Then the other day I was returning from a class outside the city and on the car ride I had an epiphany.

As I've said many times I've been working very hard to turn BeBe Babies into a company that can sustain me full-time.  The only way I can see this happening is if I manufacture them.  The only way I can manufacture them is to get them into retail stores.  I need large enough orders to hire someone to help me sew large quantities.  I've searched the Internet high and low for stores that might be interested in carrying my dolls but haven't had much luck.

While researching other companies who started out like me, or sell a similar product as mine, I discovered that many of them do trade shows.  Now, I've thought about trade shows in the past, but have never done one for two reasons: 1.  They are very expensive and 2. the logistics and level of professionalism is intimidating.

The show that I have been investigating is called NY Now or the New York International Gift Fair.  The price of attending isn't even listed on their site as far as I can see, but I assume it is at least $1000 to attend, not including travel expenses.  Then I watched this video on their site and I was even more discouraged.  The booths are beautiful and extensive.  How am I ready to compete at this level?

Well I continued to research and I found this article "10 Lessons from a First-Time Trade Show Exhibitor".  What I realized is that maybe trying to do my first show in such a large venue is a little too ambitious.  So then I found a trade show database and realized that there are many smaller trade shows all over the country, including Portland Oregon, my home state.  Maybe it would be better if I tried a show that is much easier for me to manage just to get my feet wet and see what works and what doesn't.

The next Portland show is in March.  I'm not sure I can get it together by then but I've put a plan into action, which brings me to the topic of this post.  I have been working to put together a new video that will hopefully be like a commercial for BeBe Babies.  I'm hoping to use it for promotional purposes as well as for my future trade show booth.

This is where you come in.  If you have purchased a BeBe Baby from me for your kiddo(s), I need you to make me a video that is a few seconds to a minute long of your kid talking about what they like about their BeBe Baby.  Every participant will receive a little thank you gift from me, but please note the gifts won't be sent out until after the video is complete, which might be a couple months.

I have received a couple videos already and you can see an example here on Youtube.  Or watch this one below:

If you would like to participate please email me your videos or questions at  Thanks everyone for your help in making BeBe Babies grow!

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