Wednesday, March 18, 2015

More Copycats...


I really hate copycats.  I really hate when I see a doll that is supposed to be like one of mine pop up on the internet.  It's so FRUStrating.

Here's the deal.

On March 6 I posted photos of my newest one of a kind doll Brenda on Facebook.  The first comment, which I have since deleted, was by Damaris Rodriguez Sierra.  You can see the person on the left side of this photo as she posted on my page the day before.  Her comment was that Brenda was beautiful.

Several days later she posted this doll to one of the doll groups that I am also a member of.

Now normally I don't get all up in arms about these types of things.  There are many people who make baby dolls and there are only so many ways to represent a baby.  However this doll was an obvious attempt to copy BeBe Babies look and style.  Also she names the doll "Bebe April" (now fair enough, "baby" in Spanish is "bebe", but still).  I also don't really get upset about this when the doll is for a personal collection, but in the comments of her post she says she is working on a price for the doll to sell it.  That is just not ok.  

Now a quick message to the owner of the doll group and the post was removed.  I dropped it.  I didn't send a message to the poster and I didn't file a copyright claim.  Fast forward to 20 min ago.

This woman posted another photo to the same doll group.  This time it is too much.  Here is "her" new doll.

Look familiar?

Pink/green BeBe Baby bunny April 2011 (this one was included just to show you how it even seems she is attempting to copy the outdoor/plant look in my photo).

Please realize that artists work many years perfecting their own style and signature look.  It is an insult to copy them.  It is also against the law.  I will be filing a claim with Facebook shortly, although I've never had to deal with them so I'm not sure how responsive they will be.  

I have also sent a message to the creator of these frauds and commented on her recent post.  You all know that I am a huge promoter of other doll artist's work.  I would never shame a person for getting into the soft sculpture doll market, but this blatant copying is completely shameful.  Every time it happens to me I feel sick for days.  Copying is not flattery, it is theft.


  1. You poor thing..I'm so sorry! It makes me so angry when someone does this...and then I get people asking me to copy someone as well. I actually have a customer that trolls around until she can get someone to make dolls like others do..and get them for less money. She has gone so far as to ask me where I get my supplies..that is just not right. I will help anyone..but not to make the same thing I do. xoxoxoxo I hope it gets resolved for you.

    1. Thank you for the support! That's horrible about that customer putting you in that position. I can totally relate that dolls can be unaffordable but that is not a reason to result to underhanded dealings.