Monday, August 3, 2009

Estate Sale Find

A couple weeks ago I went to an estate sale on a whim and came away with two adorable vintage books. I am a sucker for little books and I especially love when they are so sweetly illustrated. Both books are by Rosalind Welcher whom I had never heard of but had fun looking up and learning about. Here are some of my favorite pages. The first book was called "Somebody's Thinking of You" (cover pictured above).

"Somebody loves to hear your voice"

"Somebody likes to get your letters"

"Somebody's sorry when things go wrong"

"Sombody misses you when you're away"

"Somebody wants you to be happy"
"Somebody hopes all your dreams come true"

The second one is called "Please Don't Feel Blue"

"and sometimes rainbows end in pots of gold"

"even though things sometimes do look dark"

"Cinderellas still meet Prince Charmings"

"Ugly ducklings still turn into swans"

"raindrops drum upon umbrellas"


  1. I love vintage books--what a great find! Also, I love your blog. :)
    Jill a.k.a. another Oregonion

  2. Thanks Jill! Off to check off your blog...with tummy growling. :)