Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Plushstock 2009 with the Plushteam

I didn't participate in the most recent Plushteam challenge but it's super cool and you should vote for your favorites. Voting closes on August 30th so hurry up!

It's no secret the the above Jimi Hendrix by Moon's Creations is my favorite. However a close second would be this amp by Fluffy Flowers.

Also in exciting Plushteam news I received my official Plushteam aluminum liquid holder today. Yay! No more glasses of water on the nightstand covered with toilet paper to keep the dog hair out in the night. (I am neurotic and can't go to bed without a glass of water...even if I am not thirsty and don't drink never know I might need it if aliens attack). Will have to take this bottle out in public some though otherwise what is the purpose of it's awesome advertising abilities??

Do you see the nasty headband holding the TP down? Otherwise the fan will blow it off duh...

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