Thursday, September 3, 2009


I have been pondering change a lot lately as big things are coming down the pipe for me soon. It's nothing I can talk about just yet but let me just say I have been a bundle of nerves and battling dizzying nausea.

Anyhoo I have been really enjoying reading this blog the past few days. It's just so funny and the office commentary is so similar to my daily life that I can't help but love that someone is getting to say what I don't have the guts to. I have always wanted to have a similar blog as there are so many daily office annoyances I would love to rant about. But alas I am too much of a chicken that my ranting will lead to my firing. I am afraid I would not be able to keep things so unspecific.

But today I thought I might give it a shot. I thought I might rant about work...or at least an issue that is a bit relevant to life right now for me. Change. People freak when things change. I am no different...I am freaking let me tell you, but my freaking is not the same as other people's reaction to change. I get all sick to my stomach and nervous while some people call their insurance company and make up stories.

First a little background. My department at work made a big change earlier this week that affects a lot of people. So far everything that was supposed to happen to make this transition seamless has happened. To my surprise everything is going smoothly for all involved. But there will always be those special people that will throw a stick into the spokes when in reality if they just waited things would be fine. So this is how the conversation went:

Me: How can I help you?
Customer: I called *new company* and was told that unless I stand on my head and scream "I love Satan" they will not help me and this is a company you are making me work with so you should do something about it.
Me: Hmmmm that doesn't sound right

(at this point I just want to hang up...yes I am exaggerating on what the person actually said but trust me it was just as silly)

Because this person is on the phone and wanting me to do something I must resort to taking their info and complaint to research. I will then spend my time looking into it just to find out the that person was over exaggerating and the issue was resolved prior to them calling me. So why are they calling? Why the big stink over something that really wasn't a problem? Because people don't like things in their lives to change and when something does they go blind with fear. There is no reasoning with these people because you say, "hi can I help you?" and they hear "I am going to murder you".

And so I beg of you special people give change some time before you start losing your mind and calling me to complain. It will all work out...deep breaths...1,2,3 and all that.


  1. What the crap is going on! I need to know! Haha. I can't wait to get back to Eugene already!

  2. Yes pleeeeease hurry up and get back here! :)