Sunday, September 20, 2009


As it turns out I did not come from a crafty family. It seems like the credentials for being a crafter/creator these days includes having a crafty family. Many craft books, especially those that interview several crafters, tend to tell the same story again and again; crafty upbringing, art school, etc. I am not one of those people. My parents were about the most opposite from crafty as they could get. My Dad liked cutting down trees and my Mom was a huge van of Velveeta cheese.

Somehow I was born with the craft gene though because as soon as I could hold a pen I was drawing, writing, making zines, sewing and sculpting. So it has come as a big surprise to find my mother finding craft AFTER me. Her and my step dad have been creating what they first referred to as "garden art". Being the snob I can be I told my Mom not to call these creations "art". To my surprise "garden art" is more of a theme then any ones opinion.

This weekend my parents did their first craft/garden show. I must say I am proud of them. It doesn't sound like they really sold much but it is fun to see my Mom see what it is like to be the creator and not the helper. There's a lot of stress putting something you have made "out there". I don't know if they will continue making their recycled glass garden sculptures but it is nice to see them doing something creative and DIY.


  1. Wow!!!! They were undercover crafters waiting to get out!!! hee hee That is great!!!! I love garden art!!! Looks like they have some great crafts there!!!! Congrats to all!!!!
    Hope they have fun and make a little too!!!
    hugs carla

  2. Hey thanks Carla! They will love your comments. :)