Thursday, September 17, 2009


I really like doing miniature dolls so when I was getting this little guy Ashton ready to list on Ebay I decided to make a backdrop that would look like an actual baby nursery wall. Well then I wanted to make pictures to hang on the wall. You can kind of see them in the above picture but I think I hung them a little too high because you can't see the higher one completely...although it does look pretty natural I think.

The pictures are made from popsicle sticks, acrylic paint, clear plastic, paper and scrapbook embellishments.

All of the other props in the pictures (crib, toys, etc) I already had but I did make him the pillows and blanket because the set I made previously was very girly. Anyhoo I had a lot of fun making this little "stage" and I have already thought of a bunch of things I would like to add (like a floor and more furniture). I am wondering if this might be a new obsession...

Plus I got some paper to do the other side of the "wall" (which is just white foam board). I am going to make a backdrop for my Blythe. I found the cutest paper at Michaels yesterday. Mainly inspired by the fact that my Blythe received her new tights and shoes in the mail yesterday. I should have some new pictures to post this weekend.
Oh and I have Friday and Monday off from work so expect a lot of new things happening!