Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Save Boobs!!!

Well it has been a whirlwind week so far. I officially started part time at my J O B on Monday. That in itself is the weirdest feeling ever. School started yesterday and that was pretty weird too. As I was explaining to my feels like someone died and my brain hasn't caught up with the absense. I feel like next week my life will go back to normal and I will work full time at the job I have been at for nearly 9 years. It isn't going to happen though and I have to keep reminding myself.

School is a whole 'nother weird feeling. First of all I am going to Lane Community College and when I was in my junior year of high school I transferred to Lane's adult high school program. I ultimately received my high school diploma at Lane. The program no longer exists which is a shame because I loved it! I went on to attend Lane for a couple more years taking college courses but never finishing any degree. The point I am getting at is many moons ago I spent several years at this school.

Being on campus has brought back a whole lot of memories good and bad. I remember eating in the cafeteria with my now ex-husband. I remember working out in the gym with my cousin who I rarely see any more. I remember selling Mary Kay in the cafeteria (I know crazy right). I used to wheel this giant suitcase of cosmetics all over was (and still is) slightly embarrassing. Lucky for me I am going to have two more years to create some new hopefully good memories....

On to other things.... The Plushteam is having a fundraiser through the month of October to raise money for breast cancer awareness. This is a special cause as my own Momma is in remission from this terrible illness. I am thankful every day that for now she has beat this killer. I knew I had to contribute something to this event.

My piece is dedicated to my Momma.

I brainstormed for quite some time before committing and creating what I did. I didn't really think of how I felt but after finishing the "girls" I realized my piece came out kind of angry (and maybe a little funny) which is kind of how I deal with stuff that makes me angry, like my Mom being sick. I hope you like my is available for sale in the Plush team shop along with a bunch of other awesome booby creations!

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  1. Hee hee!!!! Definatly great work Cassie and for such a great cause!!!! Thank You for doing
    such sweet things!!!!!