Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Flickr Tuesday

So I would like to be one of those clever people that has blog series/posts like "Flickr Friday!" or "Savings Saturdays!" but lets face it I am just not able to plan such things in advance. I also can not save a fantastic find until the day it would be appropriate...I just don't want to. Sooooo I am pretending it is Flickr Friday today on a Tuesday.

Recently someone added me on Flickr as a contact and I must admit I rarely investigate people that add me on Flickr, Myspace or Facebook (unless I think I might know them in real life). But for some reason I was checking out this person's contacts and there were some damn fine ones in there! Like Cally Jane Studios...I mean for crying out loud I could hardly find a favorite picture. Aaand I can not figure out if she actually sells these wonderful illustrations so I will be asking for sure! I did find her blog though.

And oh my good lord! I almost died when I saw these bears by Little Scruffs. More pictures and info can be found on her website here.

I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant these two!!

It just kept getting better. Look at these amazing, tiny wood dolls by DandelionFair! I thought they were clay at first which didn't seem as intriguing but as soon as I realized they were wood I jumped for joy! There is just not enough wood dolls/toys out in the world. My favorite is this little mermaid. Christine their creator has a blog too which is when....hold the phone....I realized I have seen this artists work before! I remember her bears! There is nothing like rediscovering a favorite artist. And now I have just spent the last hour going through all her pictures and deciding which dolls I would buy should a money tree sprout in my front yard. I bet you want to see too??? Well then head to her website for adoption info!

Loooookie at this cat!

To keep the mini theme going I then found these amazing miniatures by PetitPlat. They remind me so much of re ments but of course are better because someone actually hand makes them. Lucky for us she has an Etsy shop where her creations are also made into earrings and rings. How cute is that?
And to get you in the Halloween spirit here is another one. Oh and did I mention she has a blog and website too?

Alright peeps I have to stop! No more for today or I will get nothing else done. I like doing this though so maybe I will make it a feature...but it won't be on Fridays...it will be whenever I feel like it so there! :)

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