Monday, September 7, 2009

Dolls 4 All Show Recap

Well peeps I was hoping to make a post yesterday but my camera died last night and I had pictures to share. The Dolls 4 All show was pretty awesome. While I didn't make much I still sold enough dolls to pay for our vendor fees and trip expenses. We got to meet a couple new friends from Doll-Fan as well as see some old friends. One thing that is always the best about these shows is getting to see other artists work in person that I have admired online (oh and buying goodies). I did find a bunch of stuff I wanted but was good and only bought myself one thing.

Sara Lanzillotta of Devout Dolls was there which to me was beyond exciting. Oh how I wanted to buy everything on her table! If money was not restraining me I would have! But as it was I only purchased a new dress for my Blythe doll. Isn't it adorable!? Now she needs tights and new shoes. Sara also has an Etsy shop where you can buy Devout Dolls.

The table next to us was also full of treasures I wanted to bring home. But with my Mom constantly reminding me of "not spending my profit" I didn't get anything. The table was full of Laura Hacker's sasquatches. They were the most unique sasquatches I have ever seen. They also had some very cute brightly colored sock monkeys for adoption. You can find Laura's work on Etsy at The Love Tree.

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