Friday, September 25, 2009

Today is THE Day

Today is a really big day for me. After working at the same job for nearly 9 years today is my last full time day. Maybe that doesn't sound as huge as it is because it isn't my last day altogether but the thought of not having to be here full time is amazing to me. It makes me want to cry. I don't think it has hit me at all yet though because my eyes are bone dry. I thought I would have that last day of school excitement of cleaning out drawers and not doing any work but really it feels like any other day.

It is kind of funny though that our computer systems were down for most of the afternoon due to construction workers out front hitting a line or a power surge or something. That type of occurrence rarely happens but when it does it normally heightens every ones excitement: "will we get to go home?" "how long do we get to play solitaire and wander the halls?" but for me it just made the afternoon drag by. I actually would have rather been doing work so the time would have passed faster.

I had all these plans for a super celebration tonight and while I still will celebrate my lovely monthly curse hit me this morning and it has made me feel like not being seen. The thought of sweat pants and my new recliner sound much more appealing. The occasion must be marked really is a big really is the end of something big and the beginning of something bigger. I am sooo ready...I am more ready for this change then I have ever been ready for something in my life.

School starts next week! Oh boy oh boy!

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