Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Customer Service Rant

Maybe it's because I work in customer service that I notice rude customers even when I am away from work. I would like to wager that working at an insurance company in a customer service role might be one of the worst customer service positions out there (right up there with bank, post office, dmv, etc.). The funny thing is I used to work at the post office too. I don't know how I ended up at these jobs. I never set out in life wanting to be in this field.

As a matter of fact if you knew me when I was growing up (heck if you know me now) customer service would be the last place anyone would expect me to be because I hate people...okay I don't hate ALL people but you will catch me saying I do on most days. Usually I will mutter it after being yelled at on the phone while other times I will scream it as I walk through the door after work. And all this anger and hatred has wore me down.

It's funny how society as a whole recognizes that verbal abuse by a spouse, parent or anyone in life can wear a person down until they feel the way they are being told they are (stupid, fat, ugly) but the same people will unleash on customer service reps, cashiers, etc. It really is sad. Some of these people, myself included, work in these positions for years....imagine the effect on someone.

I didn't mean to write such a downer post but after hitting the craft store on my lunch break and watching a women bawl out a young cashier because a pad of paper was on sale and didn't qualify for the coupon (which would only be a difference of about a dollar) I was well feeling down. I always want to say to these people (the yellers) "do you really think this young girl gives a flying fig about your paper?", "do you think with her minimum wages she goes home at night and frets over your discount?", "she doesn't even make the damn decisions!". Do people really not get this?

I would never yell at a customer service rep (ok once I did get a little heated at Comcast but that's another story and a torn up backyard). I would just like to beg of you people out in the public remember that when you call your insurance company or you go to the craft store it is a human being you are talking to. A human being that probably has nothing to do with the company's decisions and doesn't really care anyway. They are trying to make a buck, feed their family and not go postal in the process. There is a reason it is called going postal by the way...and it's not the stiff, scratchy uniforms and the smell of pee (although that might be part of it).

PS...I am soooo excited to be starting school.... :)

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