Friday, March 19, 2010

Adventure Time! Spring Break!! Part 1

I am officially on Spring Break since yesterday and boy oh boy does it feel good. Today I received the best present ever to celebrate the end of my second term....a beeeeautiful day! The weather here is so warm and nice that I decided that Maisy and I needed to head outside in search of adventure. One thing that stinks about having days off now during the week is that there isn't anyone to adventure with because everyone is either at work or busy. Good thing Maisy is always up for adventure!!!

We went to Alton Baker Park which is a place we go a lot. They have a really large dog park so we started there. Here is Maisy in the park in front of the giant Oregon Ducks stadium. I am always amazed at the size of the is so huge in person.

I told her we were going to adventure out of the dog park and she ran to the gate and was like "hurry up, let's go!!!"

Alton Baker park is laaaarge and full of paths, water, bridges and wildlife. We decided to head towards an area I usually don't walk around but there are all kinds of things to see in that direction. Maisy only kind of likes water so she will jump in along the way and wade around a bit but she won't swim.

This bridge caught my attention because all the little green foliage growing underneath was blowing in the wind. It was so serene and quiet because there weren't any people on the paths.

Even amongst dead looking branches new life is blooming...

In the summer the paths between these trees remind me of a secret garden. Everything is grown over and it's a dark cool tunnel.

We saw lot's of neat birds!

While we were walking around I was thinking about how back in high school we would come to the river on a day like today to drink and smoke. Just as I was thinking about it a group of high school looking boys came out of the trees and started walking down the path. Maisy really wanted to catch up with them! Doesn't it always seem like she is telling me to hurry up?

Speaking of Maisy she generally alternates between being terrified of EVERYthing and dragging me down the path. Some of the things she is afraid of are people, fishing, loud noises, bikes, trash, trains, birds, skateboards, boats, cars, leaves etc, etc, etc.

The river!!!!

We finally made it around to the bigger bridge that crosses the river. They put in new railings that looked really neat.

Taking a break checking out the river.

We were going to walk over to the duck pond but we started getting tired. I know Maisy has had enough walking when she stops and looks back at me like "really still more walking?" as opposed to "hurry up!". I decided that we will have to make a trip again before spring break is over and we will walk the other direction and get more pictures to share.

When we finally got to the car Maisy sat panting the whole way home. Her breath stinks lately. The End.

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