Monday, March 29, 2010

Seattle Trip!

I went to Seattle this weekend with my pal Katrina (she makes hair clips check her out!). We decided just to go up for a night, stay in a fancy hotel and cruise around looking for adventure. We stayed at the Westin in downtown Seattle which had a great view and was really fancy. The above picture is the view from our room during the day and at night. And the below picture is of part of our room.

Katrina is a cook in Portland at a restaurant called Toro Bravo. Being a foodie she likes to check out restaurants in different cities to sample the food. I like this because it means I get to eat lots of yummy food and I don't have to find it on my own. When Katrina and I go to eat we generally share everything so that we can try more of the menu. Here's a rundown of everything we ate:

When we got into town on Saturday we went to lunch at a French cafe called La Pichet. It was sooo yummy! We had french onion soup, a ham/cheese baguette and a green salad. I was very happy after this meal because I was so hungry after driving all day.

Later that afternoon while walking around we stopped into Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream. I was so happy to see that they had a lavender flavor (my favorite) so I had a scoop. It was the best lavender ice cream I have ever had. Katrina had a scoop of the scout mint in a homemade waffle cone. Hmmmm.

That night we ate at Matt's in the Market which was a fancy but strange experience. Originally the host told us we could have this one table when the people left. So we sat at the bar to wait but the couple was taking a looooong time with their nightcap. Finally we ordered, hoping our food would be done when we were ready to be seated. We ordered the pork belly three ways, halibut and a salad with avocado, oranges and nuts. We ordered some drinks (I had beer and Katrina had some sparkling wine) and then food started showing up. I didn't want to sit at the bar because unfortunately my short little legs were kind of dangling off the bar stool and it was uncomfortable. I am small what can I say. When our food started to show up I hung up my purse, sat forward so I could reach the foot rest and decided this was just going to be our table. We watched as the host gave tables away and we watched the couple that was at "our" table leave but we still were not seated. Finally the host decided to seat us at a different table after we had decided just to stay at the bar. We ate our halibut at a table that we ended up sitting at for probably 10 min after being in the restaurant over an hour haha. It's ok though, I had two big beers and was feeling pretty good. The view from the restaurant provided a nice nighttime atmosphere and the food was pretty good (although to be fair I liked the French cafe better). :)

To start out the food experience on Sunday we went to Macrina's Bakery where we shared a loaf of monkey bread and I had a chai latte and Katrina had coffee. My latte was had a very different taste than any other chai latte I have had and I must admit it wasn't my favorite. The monkey bread was delicious though! It was full of cinnamon and apples...almost like a cinnamon roll. The place was jam packed so it must be a Seattle hot spot. I needed some caffeine before I was going to be happy in such a cramped space. Luckily we got our stuff to go!

Before we left town we stopped in for some Pho at a Than Brothers restaurant. I have never had pho but it really is right up my alley. It had started to rain by Sunday even though Saturday was sunny and warm so having some delicious soup was so satisfying. I had the chicken and Katrina had the vegetarian. We both got smalls which was more than either of us could finish so I was really curious to see what an extra large bowls looked like. There were a couple other customers in the restaurant with huge bowls in front of them. I don't know how anyone could finish it!

Between all the eating we went to thrift stores and walked around cute neighborhoods checking out the shops. Along our walk we saw this funny black house in the middle of a non-residential street. Katrina said it could be her house some day.

We also both love to go to junk stores and sift through piles. Even though I didn't find any treasures on this trip it was awesome to see the city and explore. I have only been to Seattle one other time and we were confined to one area so I didn't get to see all the neighborhoods I did this time. Here is Katrina in her element amongst a giant button stash.

And finally as we headed out of town towards Portland the rain picked up turning our drive into something not so pleasant. Unfortunately it didn't let up and when we got back to Portland where I had to then drive back to Eugene, it was still pouring. My drive home was treacherous and slow but I made it home in one piece around 9:30. I really enjoyed Seattle and would like to go again soon!

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