Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things I bought Thursday

Hey it's Thursday again and I have things to share with you that I bought! Last weekend my Mom and I spent the day together which was super fun. We went shopping all over the place looking for rain jackets. Our last stop was at Goodwill because we can't spend the day shopping without doing some thrifting. I found a few cool treasures I am excited to share.

First was what I call a jar of junk. Jars of junk, bags of junk, trunks full of junk are my favorite things. I love not knowing what will be inside and I anticipate opening it later and finding out. Turns out this jar had several little treasures I love.

When I dumped it it wasn't apparant if there were in fact any treasures.

But as I sorted through I found all these guys and I love them all!! From left to right: a little plastic girl holding a flag, green ceramic dragon, wooden stool he is sitting on, tiny lamb, AWESOME TREASURE CHEST THAT OPENS (capt. Weirdbeard will love it), ceramic seagull, cast iron mail box, clay hamburger, ceramic squirrel and a teeny wooden japanese doll.

AND THEN I found this jacket. It is the coolest retro robin egg blue jacket. I need to iron it and repair a small hole in the inside armpit but OH MY GOSH is it neat and the best part is it fits me!!!!!

And look at the back!!! I think it will make a great Easter jacket with a cute little dress underneath.

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