Thursday, March 18, 2010

Something that Annoys Me

I was reading Chez Beeper BeBe (a blog that I enjoy) and I saw this post. After reading the post and following the links to Taggies's patent and website I was even more angry. I mean I believe that when something is invented the inventor deserves to protect their idea and profit but I mean come on. How can you patent folded ribbons? I have been working on a lion idea that entails a mane made from folded ribbons. Now I am worried. Should I make him will this company send me a cease and desist? So I am writing this post so that if any of you out there would like to make the sunshine plushie you will have the tutorial now. Also spread the word if you are so inclined. This is my little protest/revolt of the day..


  1. People have been making these for quite a number of years in the form of ribbon blankets and other such goodies with ribbons. Maybe the patent is for this specific sunshine with those exact colored ribbons in that exact order (let's hope).

    If not.....sweet little grandmas and mommies all over the world are in BIG trouble because pretty much everone who sews (including me) has made a form of this item at one time or another.

    I can't wait to see your Lion! Make it! I won't let the patent police get you. (wink)