Saturday, March 6, 2010

Making Sets.

Well since I can't seem to ever get over to the beach, even though I only live about an hour away, I decided to bring the beach to me! I wanted to make a beach scene to do a photo shoot with Captain Weirdbeard and Olly Octopus.

Look at all these pretty papers waiting to be cut up and pasted.

Ta-da! Captain Weirdbeard is a socially awkward guy that ends up drinking too much when he is nervous, especially around the ladies. His friends think he is funny and the life of the party but deep down he wishes he wasn't so awkward.

His favorite booze is XX. This particular bottle was crocheted by my awesome pal Sarah. It is sewn to his arm because he doesn't want to loose it.

Oh no he fell down and decided to sleep right where he landed!!! Some nice sea creature must have covered him up. Maybe it was Olly Octopus?

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