Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just a few Octopodes to Share

When I was getting ready to write this post I originally titled it "Just a Few Octopus to Share". As I was reading it I realized I didn't know if Octopus was correct for two octopus. After some discussion it was determined that it had to be either octopus, octopuses or octopi. This discussion really needed to be settled by fact so I googled it of course. What I found was that there are in fact three ways to say more than one octopus. Here is the explanation:

"Although it is often supposed that octopi is the 'correct' plural of octopus, and it has been in use for longer than the usual Anglicized plural octopuses, it in fact originates as an error. Octopus is not a simple Latin word of the second declension, but a Latinized form of the Greek wordoktopous, and its 'correct' plural would logically be octopodes."

And therefore the title was changed to "Just a few Octopodes to Share" there.

The above octopus is my Moms that I gave her for her birthday earlier this month and the one below is for my aunts birthday this weekend.